“Grad School Makes You Dumber”

I’m traveling visiting family, but I recently promised to try to stick to a T/Th posting schedule. I wanted to find something to quick write that wasn’t just posting in order to post, and thought a comic I wanted to share and discuss.

In just under two weeks I’ll be heading back to NC for UNC’s annual doctoral hooding ceremony, and it’s had me thinking about, well, this basically:

PhD Comics is pretty great at summing up many parts of the grad school experience, and this is one of my all time favorites. It’s been going on for over a decade, so a good place to start is with the list of most popular comics. (Academic readers are probably all to familiar with the comic).

I’m definitely getting ideas for blog posts faster than I’m writing them (which is good because it lets me try to only share the better ones). At some point I’ll get to some ideas that relate to this comic’s point. But first I want to get through at least an initial pass of the series on program implementation.