My Writing Center evaluation word cloud


My last three semesters I tutored in UNC’s Writing Center. It’s the best job I’ve ever had and taught me a lot about working one-on-one with students and, naturally, about writing. I recently checked the tutor forum and another tutor had suggested putting the text from all our evaluations through Tagxedo to get a word cloud and then look for common themes. Here’s mine:WCwordcloud


I thought this was a fun way to synthesize the feedback. Reading papers aloud is part of nearly every session, so it’s no surprise that those words are pretty big. We also see some of my favorite strategies like reverse outlines and webbing, as well as the common goals of thesis, organization, and conciseness.

I’m surprised “audience” didn’t come up more, sense I know I brought it up a lot. So, I guess this helps show what “stuck”–or maybe the idea stuck but students think about it with different language or it wasn’t the thing that they found most helpful.