Working for the Farmers’ Market

When this post goes live I’ll be hard at work helping set up for the first South Waterfront Farmers Market of the season. I’m happy to be employed one day a week, both for the routine and the way it will add some structure to my week.

I’m also looking forward to meeting new people and learning about our local food system. Some of the early books that got be excited about food politics–Cod, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Sweetness and Power–took a broad view of the topic. For my dissertation I needed to pick a few pieces of Brazil’s Zero Hunger and really try to zoom in on them. So it ended up being a lot about a bunch of different aspects of giving people money so they can buy food. My interviews and reading dealt with a lot of the other stuff, too–popular restaurants, agricultural development programs, etc.–but that was tangental and didn’t end up in the actual dissertation.

It will also be nice to hang out outside on a beautiful day, listen to live music, and sample some good food.