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To all the blogs I’ve blogged before: a ten year retrospective

Some readers may be interested in my past history with blogging.

It’s weird to think that later this month will make ten years I started blogging, on and off. I was living with my mom in Manteca, California and applying for jobs. I saw on Friendster that an acquaintance had a blog with some friends on a site called Blogger. I registered a domain name and a Blogger account and set things up to publish by FTP. My blog, Russell’s Ramblings, was, as the name implies, about whatever I felt like writing about–my life, politics, my music, etc. It was interesting to get random readers leaving comments. Recall that there weren’t as many blogs around then, so even random people writing tended to get a bit more attention. At least it seemed that way.

Fall 2005, my first semester of graduate school, I read Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes. It was getting a lot of circulation when it came out. Its point about specializing and using categories stuck with me, so I decided to start a bog about Latin American politics since that is what I’d gone to graduate school to study. At the time Blogger didn’t offer categories. So, Googling, I learned about WordPress. I don’t think there was a yet, just where I could download the software. It said I needed something called a MySQL database. So I poked around on my host, set one up, and changed the proper fields in the WordPress files before uploading them up. After that I was good to go. Continue reading