Writing is like cooking

When I was a tutor at the UNC Writing Center, we had to finish the statement “Writing is like…” Our answers served as our bios on the staff page. Here’s mine:

Writing is like cooking. Anyone can learn. Everyone can improve. Books and friends can provide helpful tips, but learning to cook requires regular time in the kitchen, even when I’m tired. Sometimes what I cook isn’t very good. That’s okay. I just throw it out, learn from my mistakes, and try again the next day. It’s good to make cooking social, sharing the product with others as well as cooking with friends and family. Sometimes I make a big mess and then clean it up at the end; sometimes I tidy as I go. It’s better if I’m not rushed, but sometimes I’m running late and just need to get dinner in the oven before guests arrive, so I sprint to the finish line. Some tools are essential for any cook, others only useful for particular styles. Too few ingredients is bland; too many is an overwhelming mess of flavors.

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